Datacenter for L.I.S

It is a system that supports the library. We divide it into classical (paper catalogs) or automatic (electronic medium). Automated library system is "application software operation (transaction) type, designed to automate the processes implemented in the library. Usually has a modular structure, typical modules as acquisitions, cataloging, OPAC, Loans and MVS, administration series. Usually contains tools for networks libraries and for communication with external sources. "It is further divided into different modules by function.

Datacenter for ERP

This information system is very important in companies because on the one hand, workers with the skills and processes are on the other. Thus a situation arises correct assignment. So the main purpose of the system is to convert unstructured to structured work.
"Information systems business had only occur in the context of ICT, but in a broader context can be seen, the degree of formalization of data, the proportion of the human factor and, for example, with regard to the kind of" carriers "of information."


Management information systems are designed to be very easy to make them easy for users to operate. Of enforcement and organized. Often they are used complex technologies, which allow the possibility to create their own views. Processes unsorted information and displays them in graphs, tables and reports. It is mostly built for managers.